Outside of the regular school day, St Clare's Convent High School students have many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities offer students a chance to develop a talent, perform with their peers and demonstrate leadership.

Students are encouraged to participate in one or more extracurricular activities to be more involved and connected with the school as they represent St Clare's Convent High School and earn recognition for their achievements.

Our Activities include NCC, Eco Clubs,Yoga sessions, Sport Coaching, Drawing & Craft activity & more.

The goals are to :

1. Share talents with others in a community.
2. Experience education beyond the classroom.
3. Develop positive attitudes and values.
4. Serve the community as a complement to intellectual development.
5. Develop the ability to work with others.
6. Promote international understanding.
7. Encourage the development of new skills and interests.
8. Develop links with local, national and international communities.
9. Develop a sense of responsibility and discovery.


In addition to the academic work, the following co-curricular activities are organized in the school and competitions are held on reguiar basis : Computer Science, Dramatics, Debate, Elocutions, Sports, Painting, Singing, Dancing, Handicrafts etc. Socially useful productive work is offered in the following subjects for all classes. Grades will be awarded for the same.

a) Physical Education is compulsory
b) Art & Craft
c) Painting